Buy Acryl navelpiercings at BIJOUTERIA.

These simply shaped navel piercings made of acrylic glass glow in the disco light. Navel piercings made of fimo glow even in the dark when it has been 'charged' in the light before. Both acrylic glass and fimo are comfortable to wear because they are very warm and light. These materials provoke rarely allergies.

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5 Items

The simple acrylic glass belly piercing in its colorful appearance comes combined with a 316L surgical steel rod. While with the dotted Piercings with the size one differentiates, the color may be selected with the glittering models. Whether aqua, red, blue, multicolor, violet, light blue, fuchsia, orange, pink, turquoise or white is entirely up to your preferences. Did you know that we deliver directly from stock in Switzerland - free of postage and fast? Try it out.

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