Buy Black Line Belly Piercings at BIJOUTERIA.

Our line of black navel piercings is for everyone who likes it dark. Those with flattened lower balls lie pleasantly on the skin. The stones are set precisely and all black navel piercings have a particularly beautiful and precise finish.

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1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 3 g
up to 4 g
up to 5 g
Surgical Steel 316L
Black PVD-coating
dark green
night blue
light blue
light pink
light magenta
Heart / Love
Tribal pattern
8.0mm Diameter
10mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
8.0mm Length
10mm Length
12mm Length
5.0mm Ball Diameter
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16 Items

Stylish belly button piercing in black. The jewellery made of surgical steel 316L, silver 925 and plastic inspires its wearers with upbeat design, great motifs such as star, heart, love, yin yang or tribal patterns. To give the jewellery the necessary bling, some are made with crystals or zirconia stones, which can vary in color - so you can choose between turquoise, white, red blue, pink, green, orange, aqua, violet, multicolor, light blue, fuchsia, dark green, gold colored to light pink. Epoxy is also used to provide good protection for the material. So what are we waiting for? In our online shop you will find your Black Line belly button piercing. Fast and reliable!

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