Popular symbols on nicely embroided elastic cotton bands. This kind of jewelry for the upper arm is very exclusive, a real eye-catcher which you don't see every day!

Price up to CHF
up to CHF 40.-
Max. weight
up to 2 g
up to 3 g
up to 4 g
up to 5 g
up to 6 g
steel-plated brass
light blue
light pink
Leaf / Plant pattern
Heart / Love
Salamander / Gecko..
Tribal pattern
Drop / drop-shape ..
Upper arm bracelet
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11 Items
Arm band
CHF 38.40 EUR 27,30 €
10 Colors
CHF 41.60 EUR 29,50 €
10 Colors
CHF 33.60 EUR 23,90 €
10 Colors
CHF 40.70 EUR 28,90 €
10 Colors
CHF 41.10 EUR 29,20 €
8 Colors
CHF 42.70 EUR 30,30 €
10 Colors
CHF 40.70 EUR 28,90 €
Arm band
CHF 39.20 EUR 27,80 €
10 Colors
CHF 38.40 EUR 27,30 €
10 Colors
CHF 36.10 EUR 25,60 €
10 Colors
CHF 34.70 EUR 24,60 €

All prices include VAT.

11 Items

The graceful upper arm bracelets provide for the certain something. The unusual jewellery is seen and amazes many a viewer. The bracelets are made of cotton. A motif moulded from brass with a steel coating provides the tension. Typical motifs like tribal patterns, heart, flower, butterfly, salamander or Gekko as well as floral patterns serve as templates. Coloured crystals are also used. These are partly selectable between aqua, blue, violet, multicolor, light pink, white, red and black. Choose your upper arm bracelet. We will be happy to send it to you immediately.

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