Dangle earrings out of Silver 925 with Lapis Lazuli. Length:12mm. Weight:3,4g.

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Price for a pair. The length is measured without hook and eyelet.
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blue / silverish






Silver 925
Lapis Lazuli



Body location

Ear / Ear jewelry / Ear jewellery
Earlobe / Normal earpiercing / Earlobe piercing

Only few pieces immediately available ex stock
Immediately ready for dispatch. Delivery time: 1 days within Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Delivery to other countries might take a bit longer.
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Silver 925
Silver 925, also known as Sterling Silver, contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Pure silver is not used in jewelry making, as it is too soft. Silver has a seductive look with its warm color-temperature and has been used in jewelry making since ancient times. The disadvantage of silver is: It can react to sulfur in the air (depending on air quality and skin type). This is commonly known as ´tarnishing´ or ´oxidation´. The best way to remove these dark spots is the following: polishing cloth boil water in a pan and add some salt and a piece of uncoated aluminium foil. Then put your piece of jewel into the pan and "pickle" it wait for a while. Effective are also polish products especially made for silver-cleaning.
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Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli means literally heaven stone. Lapis Lazuli contains, besides Lasurit, a mineral from the feldspar group, mainly pyrite and other minerals.As jewelry and charmstone, Lapis Lazuli has a history of over 7000 years. Throughout this time, the stone has been believed to have all sorts of healing effects. It vitalize the functionality of the human´s glands and is used to treat diseases in the pharynx and lung diseases. The charmstone relaxes the body and relieves cramps. Therefore, it is also used to relieve menstrual pains.
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