Horn, wood and bones belong to the natural materials from which jewellery was made early in history. Bone captivates with its natural white tone, but is fragile and should be worn with caution, horn, on the other hand, is somewhat more robust. These organic materials are particularly comfortable to wear because they are light and warm. These wooden earrings, wooden stud earrings, wooden creoles or bone earrings are reminiscent of jewelry of primitive peoples and fascinate by their original character. Men as well as women emphasize their closeness to nature and naturalness by wearing these wooden earrings or bone earrings in tribal style. Decorate your ears with tribal motifs, stars, floral patterns and flowers. Please also order one of our Wood, We deliver the entire set in a flash and free of postage directly from our warehouse in Switzerland.

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Buffalo bone
Crocodile wood
Stainless Steel
Buffalo horn
Sono wood
dark blue
dark brown
light beige
light blue
Crocodile wood
Sono wood
Black Sono wood
Leaf / Plant pattern
Stripes / Grooves ..
Tribal pattern
14mm Diameter
15mm Diameter
17mm Diameter
19mm Diameter
20mm Diameter
45mm Length
4.0mm Width
5.0mm Width
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7.0mm Width
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Out and about with nature. Our organic earrings are made of wood (sonewood, crocodile wood) or horn. In addition to its typical natural structure, the jewellery for the ear hole stands out due to its filigree workmanship, shape and pattern. Beautiful floral drawings, grooves, lines and stripes as well as shamrock, leaf and circle symbols further enhance the jewellery. The colours brown, black and white dominate as basic colours - but other colours are also used for the design, such as yellow, blue and pink. Ethno-friends or interested people of the Egyptian or Celtic culture will also find one or the other piece of jewellery here. We are pleased to be able to send you your selected articles as fast as lightning - because all articles which are visible in the shop, we also have in stock!

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