Fake plug out of Surgical Steel 316L. Thread:1,2mm. Bar length:5mm. Weight:1,1g. With threaded coupling.

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Price for 1 piece. With threaded coupling.
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1.1g (Weighed at size 6mm)


Surgical Steel 316L


Women / Men

Body location

Ear / Ear jewelry / Ear jewellery
Earlobe / Normal earpiercing / Earlobe piercing


Wear s chic plug without dilated ear holes? No problem at all with our trendy sfake plug . They can be inserted into any normal pricked ear hole. These black fake plug s are both rocky and elegant. Available from very small to quite large, depending on how conspicuous they are supposed to adorn the ear. plug s found their way to the heart of our population and today they are part of our pop culture. fake plug s are also in vogue as they represent the painless version of popular jewelry. Black, rocky, beautiful and discreet. The size of the jewellery is up to you, but elegance and grace are included. Fancy something new? Don't miss your chance. This indispensable accessory, which will soon conquer your heart, is also suitable as a gift. A dream of the teenagers, but also a dream of the adults. Ordered today and already tomorrow in your mailbox. And not to mention that the shipping is free.

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Item reviews
Roger, Rain - 25.11.2019


Thukten, Rüti - 29.10.2019

Diese Fake-Plugs sind sehr gute Qualität und Farbe bleibt wie neu.

Vincent, Biel/Bienne - 03.10.2019

Sehr gut, sehr schnelle Lieferung

Paul, Le Sentier - 17.08.2019


Martina, Luzern - 04.07.2019

Sind super von der Qualität her und schön zum tragen

Vitor, Giswil - 17.06.2019


Romuald, TOURCOING - 31.05.2019

Très satisfait :-)

Phanit, Zürich - 30.05.2019

Erwartungen erfüllt

Frédéric, Chavannes-sur-Moudon - 10.05.2019


André, Bern 22 - 20.01.2019

Super joli

Cristina, Rudolfstetten - 18.01.2019

Es fühlt sich super an

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Surgical Steel 316L
Surgical steel 316L, originally used in medical implants (e.g. artificial joints), has now become the most important material for piercings. It is characterized by its extremely shiny surface with practically no uneven traces. Surgical steel is also very scratch-resistant.However, it is not advisable to use surgical steel for first-time piercings since its nickel component as part of the alloy may become active when in contact with the sore salt of a newly pierced skin (we recommend to use Titanium G23 or Bioplast instead). Surgical steel can be worn without any trouble once the piercing hole is healed because Nickel cannot be absorbed by the body anymore. Allergies to surgical steel 316L are rare.
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