The simple rings from this category are well suitable as friendship rings or partnership rings. But they are often ordered as single piece. These rings are very liked and have an exceptionally stylish, deep-black look. Furthermore, they are comfortable to wear because the edges are rounded. In most countries, friendship rings and partnership rings are put on the ring finger of the left hand, on the same finger where usually wedding rings are put. In Germany and Austria, however, wedding rings are often put on the ring finger of the right hand.

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Stainless Steel
Black PVD-coating
Swarovski crystal
rose gold color
silver grey
Stripes / Grooves ..
Devil's heart / He..
Has shiny and matt parts
Matt finish
You can turn the part in the middle
2.0mm Width
2.5mm Width
3.0mm Width
4.0mm Width
4.6mm Width
5.0mm Width
5.5mm Width
6.0mm Width
7.5mm Width
8.0mm Width
8.5mm Width
10mm Width
12mm Width
20mm Width
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46 Ring size
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54 Ring size
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It doesn't always have to be silver. Black rings also radiate an elegant note. Our black PVD-coated stainless steel rings for your favorite finger - and it doesn't matter if it's the thumb, the ring, the middle or the middle, Point or even the little finger is - convince by a high quality of life and wearing comfort. In addition to crystal pieces, we also offer those with filigree grooves and stripes with (rosť-)gold PVD and those with horn-like hearts or flower patterns. Our Black Line rings are perfect as friendship rings, Valentine's Day or Christmas presents. Order today in our online shop and you will be able to convince yourself tomorrow. We deliver directly from stock in Switzerland.

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