The paradise for all ladies. Wonderful rings with real fresh water pearls which stand out thanks to their stylish design and their high quality. Of course, all these rings are made of massive Silver 925.

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Silver 925
Fresh water pearl
golden white
Eternal / Loop / E..
Stripes / Grooves ..
Matt finish
6.5mm Diameter
7.0mm Diameter
9.0mm Diameter
6.6mm Width
8.0mm Width
9.0mm Width
10mm Width
14mm Width
15mm Width
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CHF 73.70 EUR 52,30 €
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CHF 67.10 EUR 47,60 €
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CHF 67.10 EUR 47,60 €
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CHF 76.80 EUR 54,50 €
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CHF 78.40 EUR 55,70 €
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CHF 71.40 EUR 50,70 €
9 Sizes
CHF 65.80 EUR 46,70 €
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CHF 66.30 EUR 47,10 €
9 Sizes
CHF 63.10 EUR 44,80 €
9 Sizes
CHF 65.90 EUR 46,80 €

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12 Items

Beautiful silver 925 finger rings with freshwater pearls. Whether you wear it on your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger or even on your thumb, the carefully made rings radiate elegance and style. Even if the golden white pearl could make a great solo appearance, some mate with crystals to enhance the blinking and noble effect. That's exactly your style? Then don't hesitate and order at the Swiss Online Shop!

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