These rings stand out with a slight extravagance. They are very stylish, classic or fancy too. Stainless steel is very solid and therefore relatively resistent to scratches or deformation.

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up to CHF 40.-
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Max. weight
up to 1 g
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up to 3 g
up to 4 g
up to 5 g
up to 6 g
up to 8 g
up to 10 g
up to 12 g
up to 14 g
up to 16 g
up to 18 g
Stainless Steel
Black PVD-coating
PVD-coating (gold color)
rose gold color
Leaf / Plant pattern
Eternal / Loop / E..
Heart / Love
Plaid / Checked
Stripes / Grooves ..
Tribal pattern
Has shiny and matt parts
intertwined rings
2.2mm Width
3.0mm Width
4.0mm Width
4.0mm/5mm Width
5.5mm Width
6.0mm Width
7.2mm Width
7.5mm Width
8.0mm Width
8.5mm Width
8.6mm Width
8.9mm Width
9.0mm Width
9.9mm Width
10mm Width
11mm Width
14.5mm Width
15.5mm Width
16mm Width
Ring size
48 Ring size
50 Ring size
52 Ring size
54 Ring size
56 Ring size
58 Ring size
60 Ring size
62 Ring size
64 Ring size
66 Ring size
68 Ring size
70 Ring size
72 Ring size
74 Ring size
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CHF 45.60 EUR 32,40 €
9 Sizes
CHF 45.60 EUR 32,40 €
9 Sizes
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9 Sizes
CHF 36.40 EUR 25,80 €
9 Sizes
CHF 35.60 EUR 25,30 €
9 Sizes
CHF 44.90 EUR 31,90 €
9 Sizes
CHF 35.60 EUR 25,30 €
9 Sizes
CHF 41.90 EUR 29,70 €
9 Sizes
CHF 54.20 EUR 38,50 €
9 Sizes
CHF 34.20 EUR 24,30 €
9 Sizes
CHF 56.10 EUR 39,80 €
14 Sizes
CHF 54.10 EUR 38,40 €
10 Sizes
CHF 56.80 EUR 40,30 €
9 Sizes
CHF 38.30 EUR 27,20 €
8 Sizes
CHF 57.80 EUR 41,00 €
9 Sizes
CHF 54.70 EUR 38,80 €
9 Sizes
CHF 36.20 EUR 25,70 €
9 Sizes
CHF 48.10 EUR 34,20 €
9 Sizes
CHF 48.80 EUR 34,60 €
9 Sizes
CHF 44.90 EUR 31,90 €
11 Sizes
CHF 52.10 EUR 37,00 €
9 Sizes
CHF 49.40 EUR 35,10 €
9 Sizes
CHF 38.30 EUR 27,20 €
14 Sizes
CHF 57.80 EUR 41,00 €
9 Sizes
CHF 68.30 EUR 48,50 €
9 Sizes
CHF 41.50 EUR 29,50 €
9 Sizes
CHF 53.10 EUR 37,70 €
14 Sizes
CHF 53.90 EUR 38,30 €
9 Sizes
CHF 44.40 EUR 31,50 €
7 Sizes
CHF 65.50 EUR 46,50 €
13 Sizes
CHF 49.80 EUR 35,40 €

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Pretty jewelry for your thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger or even the little finger may also be made of silver stainless steel. Some are cheekily covered with a gold or rosť gold coating, so that it looks even more noble. The designers have outgrown themselves in the design of the rings. They skilfully work with patterns, waves and lines or weave several thin rings to create an interesting creation. Also well-known Symoble like star, triangle or angle are quite element of the representation. A magical gift for the treasure on Valentine's Day. Order today at Bijouteria - your online jewelry store!

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