These simple bracelets are made for kids' wrists, specially suitable for decorating with our kids' charms.

Price up to CHF
up to CHF 40.-
up to CHF 45.-
up to CHF 50.-
up to CHF 55.-
up to CHF 60.-
up to CHF 65.-
up to CHF 70.-
Max. weight
up to 2 g
up to 3 g
up to 4 g
up to 5 g
up to 6 g
Stainless Steel
PVD-coating (gold color)
Silver 925
Fresh water pearl
dark brown
golden white
light blue
light pink
light magenta
Leaf / Plant pattern
Heart / Love
Love / Affection
Turtle / Tortoise
Bracelet for charms
Adjustable length
14-17cm Length
14cm Length
16.5cm Length
16cm Length
5.0mm Width
7.0mm Width
10mm Width
12mm Width
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17 Items
Kids bracelet
CHF 38.70 EUR 27,50 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 45.10 EUR 32,00 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 46.50 EUR 33,00 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 45.10 EUR 32,00 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 43.20 EUR 30,70 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 43.20 EUR 30,70 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 71.30 EUR 50,60 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 71.30 EUR 50,60 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 71.30 EUR 50,60 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 71.30 EUR 50,60 €
2 Sizes
CHF 44.90 EUR 31,90 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 71.30 EUR 50,60 €
Kids bracelet
CHF 71.30 EUR 50,60 €
2 Sizes
CHF 44.90 EUR 31,90 €
2 Sizes
CHF 34.20 EUR 24,30 €
3 Sizes
CHF 37.60 EUR 26,70 €
3 Sizes
CHF 38.20 EUR 27,10 €

All prices include VAT.

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17 Items
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