Neck jewelry out of Leather and Acrylic glass with zirconia. Width:12mm. Length:152cm. Weight:7,3g.

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Acrylic glass



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Neck / Necklace / Neck jewellery / Neck jewelry / Neckband / Neck band

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Leather is a material obtained by tanning animal skin. Leather has been used as clothing pieces such as coats and shoes, as well as all kinds of accessories. For instance, we are accustomed having gloves, purses, hats and belts made of leather. However, also jewels are often made out of leather or at least, have some leather parts too: necklaces with leather cords, jewels of Native Americans, hair accessories or leather bracelets. Leather can be rubbed with oil to make it more supple. Thanks to this oil, the leather becomes waterproof. Animal oils soften leather and prolongs leatherīs life.
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Zirconia (molecular formula: ZrO2, Zirconium dioxide) is synthetic substitute for diamond . Its hardness is almost as high as the one of diamond (8.5 as opposed to 10) which makes it resistable. However, it may scratch other material easily. Zirconia can be produced in different colours and levels of transparency. It is normally cut in faces (in the same way as glass).
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Acrylic glass
Acrylic glass, scientifically known as polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA, is commonly referred to as plexiglass. Because of its elasticity, this synthetic material is often used as an alternative to the ordinary glass. Acrylic glass is appreciated in jewelry making since this material - in contrast to ordinary glass - is light, less delicate and also more transparent. Acrylic glass let UV- light pass through which leads to shiny and twinkling effects in disco lights. Other advantages of acrylic glass are: It is non-toxic and resistant to ageing and to weathering.
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