These small pendants and amulets are made of silver 925. They are very light which makes them very comfortable to wear. Especially for kids since they do like the pictures. Thanks to the sophisticated look, these small and fine silver pendants are very exclusive. Suitable for the items of the following categories Various Chains, Silver Chains oder Leather & PVC Chains - pay attention to the indication regarding the diameter of the eyelet so the pendant fits to the necklace..

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Silver 925
Ankh / Breath of l..
Heart / Love
Clef / Music / Gui..
Horse / Stallion /..
Turtle / Tortoise
Yin Yang / Taijitu
11mm Length
15mm Length
17mm Length
18mm Length
20mm Length
21mm Length
8.0mm Width
12mm Width
13mm Width
14mm Width
17mm Width
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20mm Width
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12 Items
Small silver pendant
CHF 34.70 EUR 24,60 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 39.90 EUR 28,30 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 25.60 EUR 18,20 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 25.60 EUR 18,20 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 27.40 EUR 19,50 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 37.00 EUR 26,30 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 34.70 EUR 24,60 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 27.40 EUR 19,50 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 42.10 EUR 29,90 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 32.90 EUR 23,40 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 38.40 EUR 27,30 €
Small silver pendant
CHF 36.10 EUR 25,60 €

All prices include VAT.

12 Items

Small but oho! - is the motto of our little silver pendants. The jewellery is made of silver 925 and is intended for decorating your necklace. Symbols have great importance in the design. Symbols like heart, love, cross, flower, horse, stallion, foal, donkey, dolphin, music, clef, guitar, headphones, turtle, ankh, life loop and yin yang are not rare. Some pendants are additionally spiced up by the skilful use of crystal or zirconia stone. You can certainly find something for Valentine's Day here. We are pleased about your order in our great online shop.

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