Gold always goes! This noble material is absolutely timeless and equally popular with women and men. The colour gold is also absolutely trendy and looks particularly noble in combination with sparkling and colourful crystals or popular symbols such as flowers, stars and dolphins. The 18 carat gold is very robust and durable. However, allergy sufferers or men and women with sensitive skin do not have to do without these golden nose plugs, nose piercings and nostril piercings; they are also available with sticks made of anti-allergic and skin-friendly bioplastic. Whether straight or curved with angles, there is something for every taste and every nose. Notwait a long time but order immediately. We deliver at lightning speed and free of postage directly from our Swiss warehouse.

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up to CHF 40.-
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Max. weight
up to 1 g
18K Gold
Silver 925
light blue
light pink
2.0mm Diameter
6.5mm Length
2.0mm Width
2.5mm Width
3.9mm Width
4.0mm Width
5.3mm Width
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CHF 55.80 EUR 39,60 €
12 Colors
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Nose piercing
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Nose piercing
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Nose piercing
CHF 49.90 EUR 35,40 €
Nose piercing
CHF 30.70 EUR 21,80 €
CHF 48.00 36%until 28.07.19
Nose piercing
CHF 64.00 EUR 45,40 €
Nose piercing
CHF 49.90 EUR 35,40 €
Nose piercing
CHF 44.50 EUR 31,60 €
Nose piercing
CHF 50.50 EUR 35,90 €
Nose piercing
CHF 59.60 EUR 42,30 €
Nose piercing
CHF 50.50 EUR 35,90 €
Nose piercing
CHF 48.00 EUR 34,10 €

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13 Items
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