BIJOUTERIA Nose piercing snose197 - Curved Steel Nose Stud

Nose piercing out of Surgical Steel 316L with Swarovski crystal. Length:6,5mm. Diameter:1,8mm. Cross-section:0,6mm. Weight:0,05g.

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Surgical Steel 316L
Swarovski crystal



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Item reviews
5 stars Esther from Humlikon - 04.06.2020

Echt super

4 stars Danielle from Eglisau - 26.04.2020

Das Piercing sieht sehr schön aus und mir gefällt die Grösse sehr. Ist etwas kleiner und ein bisschen schwierig um in die Nase zu bekommen, wenn man das nostril noch nicht lange hat.

4 stars Sandra from Arosa - 12.07.2019

Das Stäbchen ist etwas zu lang, ansonsten sehr schön.

5 stars Valerie from Bernex - 22.06.2019

Tiens bien et top !

1 stars Melanie Elena from Wengi b. Büren - 20.06.2019

Der Hacken ist viel zu lang. Je nach Drehung ragt das Ende aus der Nase.

3 stars Manuela from Ennetbürgen - 05.06.2019

Sind eher lang, für kleine Nasen vom Durchmesser her ideal, aber viel zu langes Stäbchen:(

1 stars Lejla from Buchs ZH - 16.05.2019

Das Nasepiercing war viel zu lang

4 stars Sarah from PENTHALAZ - 23.04.2019

Très beau piercing. Je l'ai trouvé personnellement un peu grand au niveau de la tige. Celle-ci dépasse un peu en dehors de la narine ; j'ai dû la réduire en la resserrant.

3 stars Monia from Renens - 11.03.2019

Moins brillant que sur la photo et pas très aisé à enfiler dans le nez.

4 stars Martina from Holzheim - 06.02.2019

Schmiegt sich schön an, allerdings ist der Stecker etwas zu lang.

5 stars Sonia from Vercorin - 24.12.2018

Bon article

5 stars Cindy from Champsec - 12.12.2018


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Surgical Steel 316L
Surgical steel 316L, originally used in medical implants (e.g. artificial joints), has now become the most important material for piercings. It is characterized by its extremely shiny surface with practically no uneven traces. Surgical steel is also very scratch-resistant.However, it is not advisable to use surgical steel for first-time piercings since its nickel component as part of the alloy may become active when in contact with the sore salt of a newly pierced skin (we recommend to use Titanium G23 or Bioplast instead). Surgical steel can be worn without any trouble once the piercing hole is healed because Nickel cannot be absorbed by the body anymore. Allergies to surgical steel 316L are rare.
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Swarovski crystal
Swarovski is an Austrian company which was founded in 1895 and which has achieved a high degree of brand awareness ever since. The machine-grounded Swarovski glass crystals are high-quality processed. Thanks to their noble and diamond-like look, they are particularly appreciated in the jewelry production.
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