BIJOUTERIA Piercing tlab19 - Titanium Line

Piercing out of Titanium. Thread:1,6mm. Diameter:3mm. Weight:0,046g. Anodized.

Piercing Titanium
Piercing Titanium
Piercing Titanium
Piercing Titanium
Piercing Titanium
Piercing Titanium
Piercing Titanium
Piercing Titanium
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Navel / Navel piercing
Nipple / Breast / piercing / Nipple piercing
Cheek / Cheek piercing
Christina / Mons pubis / Mons / Christina piercing
Conch / Piercing
Helix / Helix piercing / Helixpiercing
Industrial / Industrial piercing / Industrialpiercing
Clitoris / Clitoris piercing / Clitoris hood / Clitoris hood piercing
Labia / Labia piercing
Labret piercing / Lip piercing
Lip frenulum / Labial frenulum / Lip frenulum piercing / Labial frenulum piercing
Tragus / Tragus piercing
Septum / Nasal septum / Septum piercing
Snug / Snug piercings

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1) Anodized
Anodization Anodization is a procedure in which Titanium and Surgical Steel can be colored without changing the surface characteristics of each material. The color is not only a layer of paint. The coloring techniques are similar to the technique used to produce ceramic goods.
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Titanium G23 is 100% nickel-free and perfectly suitable for people with allergies. This material is used for medical implants in the EU and Switzerland and is exclusively used in bone screws and artificial joints. Other positive features are: light weight (only approx. 50% of the weight of surgery steel) and minimum thermal conductivity (thus more comfortable to wear in hot or cold days). Titanium is suitable to wear piercings for the first time. When you purchase one of our piercing products for first time usage, please make sure to have your piercing sterilised by a professional piercing studio.
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