Piercingball out of Acrylic glass. Thread:1,6mm. Diameter:5mm. Weight:0,08g.

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Price for 1 piece. Lights up in black light / UV light.
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Acrylic glass


Women / Men

Body location

Navel / Navel piercing
Nipple / Breast / piercing / Nipple piercing
Cheek / Cheek piercing
Christina / Mons pubis / Mons / Christina piercing
Conch / Piercing
Helix / Helix piercing / Helixpiercing
Industrial / Industrial piercing / Industrialpiercing
Clitoris / Clitoris piercing / Clitoris hood / Clitoris hood piercing
Labia / Labia piercing
Labret piercing / Lip piercing
Lip frenulum / Labial frenulum / Lip frenulum piercing / Labial frenulum piercing
Tragus / Tragus piercing
Septum / Nasal septum / Septum piercing
Snug / Snug piercings
Tongue / Tongue piercing
Ear / Ear jewelry / Ear jewellery


There are different models of piercing closures. This model convinces by simplicity, simplicity, but it also shines in the dark. This ball for your piercing bar is now available in our online shop for body jewelry and you can order it today. Your delivery arrives the next day as usual.

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Acrylic glass
Acrylic glass, scientifically known as polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA, is commonly referred to as plexiglass. Because of its elasticity, this synthetic material is often used as an alternative to the ordinary glass. Acrylic glass is appreciated in jewelry making since this material - in contrast to ordinary glass - is light, less delicate and also more transparent. Acrylic glass let UV- light pass through which leads to shiny and twinkling effects in disco lights. Other advantages of acrylic glass are: It is non-toxic and resistant to ageing and to weathering.
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