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Piercing set for the intimate body parts. You can create your own intimate piercing using our popular single components, choose barbells from Barbells or Bioplast Barbells and balls from thecategories Balls or Spikes. Caution: Some intimate piercings are pierced with a gauge of 1.2mm only. If this is the case, please order barbells and balls from Piercings 1.2mm.

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1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
up to 2 g
up to 3 g
Surgical Steel 316L
Swarovski crystal
light pink
Heart / Love
Love / Affection
Devil's heart / He..
Drop / drop-shape ..
8.0mm Diameter
9.0mm Diameter
10mm Diameter
12mm Length
16mm Length
Ball Diameter
4.0mm Ball Diameter
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CHF 48.80 EUR 41,00 €
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CHF 51.20 EUR 43,00 €
5 Colors
CHF 51.20 EUR 43,00 €
5 Colors
CHF 51.20 EUR 43,00 €
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CHF 56.10 EUR 47,10 €
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CHF 61.40 EUR 51,60 €

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14 Items

Our pretty piercings for the genital area are made of bioplastic or surgical 316L steel and equipped with zirconia stones or crystals. These are partly in their color (aqua, blue, pink, violet, white) selectable and present themselves in different forms such as drops, star, heart, love, or devil's heart. Why not order your Christina, Venus Hill, Clitoris or Clitoris foreskin piercing now? We will send it to you immediately and postage paid!

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