Plug out of Buffalo horn with synthetic resin. Weight:3,3g. Jewelry for expanded earlobes.

Plug Buffalo horn synthetic resin Spiral Flame Fire Tribal_pattern different view 360° view
Plug Buffalo horn synthetic resin Spiral Flame Fire Tribal_patternView plug294
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Price for 1 piece. Jewelry for expanded earlobes.
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white / black


3.3g (Weighed at size 8mm)


Buffalo horn
synthetic resin


Women / Men

Body location

Ear / Plug


Flame / Fire
Tribal pattern


100% climate-neutral

Only few pieces immediately available ex stock:
Some pieces available immediately ex stock:
10mm    12mm
Many pieces immediately available ex stock:
04mm    06mm
Immediately ready for dispatch. Delivery time: 1 days within Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Delivery to other countries might take a bit longer.
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Buffalo horn
Buffalo Horn was already used in jewellery making by Native Americans. Buffalo Horn shines in brown to black tones and its thinner parts may be slightly transparent. As an organic material, buffalo bone is skin-friendly. There have been no reports of allergic reaction up to now. Furthermore, this kind of bone is particularly light and hardly conducts heat. This makes it more comfortable to wear than e.g. stainless steel.
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synthetic resin
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