Plug out of PVC with Sono wood. Weight:3,82g. Jewelry for expanded earlobes. With rubber ring for fixation.

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Jewelry for expanded earlobes. Price for 1 piece. Shape and color may vary slightly. With rubber ring for fixation.
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brown / dark brown


3.82g (Weighed at size 20mm)


Sono wood


Women / Men

Body location

Ear / Ear jewelry / Ear jewellery
Plug / Earlobe plug /


Fashionable jewelry for your ear. You like alternative accessories and already have a dilated ear hole? We have exactly what your fashionable heart craves. Namely this beautiful plug one made of sonewood and with a rubber ring to fix the jewellery. Uncomplicated and fast. Order today, receive tomorrow. Bijouteria, the online shop for timeless jewellery.

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Sono wood
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PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a soft and elastic material (commonly referred to as īplasticī). PVCīs main features are very high resistance, minimum weight and thermal conductivity. PVC is skin-friendly and allergies to it are rarely found. injuries resulting from wearing PVC jewels are very unlikely due to its softness and elasticity.
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