Buy Acrylic Glass Plugs & Tunnels at BIJOUTERIA. For men and women!

These plugs and flesh tunnels made of acrylic glass are anything but ordinary. They are shrill, colourful, luminous and enhance every stretched earlobe, no matter if man or woman. Here you will find trendy neon colours like neon yellow, neon pink or neon green, soft pastel shades like grey and light pink, simple plugs and tunnels from small to very big in matt black, white or even transparent up to sparkling crystals and funny motifs like eye, star, anchor, jacket from Nightmare before Christmas, foltral patterns, Swiss cross, animal prints and many more. Most have a screw cap at the back, others are wider on the outside so they are easy to insert and hold securely. Popular and colorful jewelry for everyday life or for a party, they certainly all cause a stir and good mood. With lightning-fast and postage-free lightning dispatch directly from stock in Switzerland.

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Acrylic glass
light beige
Eye / Iris / Pupil
Leaf / Plant pattern
Fur / Fur pattern ..
Skull / Skeleton
Tribal pattern
Jewelry for expanded earlobes
Tunnel, this means one can see through your earlobe
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21 Items

Refined plugs and tunnels made of acrylic glass. The creations, which can appear with crystals and even a protective epoxy resin layer, are available in different colors. Black and white or transparent are often used as base colors. Additionally the colours red, pink, pink, green, blue are used for the style of the plug or tunnel. Also symbols like flower, leaf, cherry, yin yang, skull, skeleton or also iris (eye) and pupil and animals decorate the jewellery for your widened ear hole. For the Swiss among you we have a nice plug with the national flag. Order today and you'll have it in your mailbox tomorrow - unless it's a weekend. We look forward to receiving your order in our Swiss Online Shop.

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