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Sometimes it may or must be big and heavy. Here you will find a small selection of Oversize Piercings, Oversize Rings and Oversize Rods which can be used in different ways. Especially large and thick rings for stretched ear holes or rings and rods in different thicknesses and sizes for intimate piercings such as clitoris piercing, piercings for labia, fourchette, ampallang, Prince Albert, apadravya, dyode, frenum or frenulum, guiche, pubic, hafada or on the foreskin. For information about stretching in the genital area, you should definitely ask the piercer you trust for advice. If you can't find the desired piercing here, you can put together an individual piece of jewelry from piercing parts of our Piercings 1.6mm category. Order now one or more of these precisely processed piercings in oversize surgical stainless steel in our Swiss shop, we deliver worldwide, lightning fast and postage free.

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1.2mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 2 g
up to 3 g
up to 4 g
up to 5 g
up to 6 g
up to 8 g
up to 10 g
up to 12 g
up to 14 g
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Surgical Steel 316L
Circular Barbell
Curved Barbell
10mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
14mm Diameter
16mm Diameter
8.0mm Length
10mm Length
11mm Length
12mm Length
13mm Length
14mm Length
16mm Length
18mm Length
19mm Length
22mm Length
32mm Length
34mm Length
38mm Length
7.0x3mm Size
8.0x4mm Size
10x4mm Size
10x5mm Size
10x6mm Size
12x12mm Size
12x5mm Size
12x6mm Size
12x8mm Size
13x12mm Size
14x12mm Size
14x5mm Size
14x6mm Size
14x8mm Size
16x12mm Size
16x5mm Size
16x6mm Size
16x8mm Size
18x6mm Size
19x10mm Size
19x12mm Size
19x6mm Size
19x8mm Size
20x6mm Size
22x10mm Size
22x12mm Size
22x6mm Size
22x8mm Size
Plug size
2.0mm Plug size
2.5mm Plug size
3.2mm Plug size
4.0mm Plug size
5.0mm Plug size
8.0mm Plug size
9.0mm Plug size
Ball Diameter
6.0mm Ball Diameter
8.0mm Ball Diameter
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7 Sizes
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16 Items

Huge! - this word describes the piercings best. The silver coloured piercings made of surgical steel 316L are large and can be used as ear jewellery or earplug. Like normal piercing bars they are available as Barbell, Curved Barbell, Circular Barbell and BCR. Order today in our Swiss Online Shop.

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