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These plugs and flesh tunnels for stretched silicone ear holes are exceptional and very trendy. The material silicone has many advantages. It is extremely soft and flexible and can therefore be inserted, inserted or removed in a flash. In addition, the material conducts practically no heat or cold and therefore feels good at any temperature. Here you will find eye-catching colors such as neon pink or neon green, bright colors such as red, pink or blue to plain and classic white in many different designs, sizes and shapes. No matter if matt black or white, in combination with sparkling crystals or tunnels with funny motifs like heart, star or even special shapes like the triangle. Furthermore you will find rubber rings to fix tunnels, plugs, claws or expansion spirals. Decorate your stretched ear hole and order silicone earrings, plugs and tunnels right now. Directly from Swiss warehouse with fast and postage-free lightning dispatch, of course worldwide.

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Max. weight
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light beige
Lights up in black light / UV light
Jewelry for expanded earlobes
Tunnel, this means one can see through your earlobe
1.6mm Diameter
1.6mm-2mm Diameter
2.0mm Diameter
3.0mm Diameter
4.0mm Diameter
5.0mm Diameter
6.0mm Diameter
8.0mm Diameter
10mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
14mm Diameter
16mm Diameter
18mm Diameter
20mm Diameter
Plug size
3.0mm Plug size
4.0mm Plug size
5.0mm Plug size
6.0mm Plug size
8.0mm Plug size
10mm Plug size
12mm Plug size
14mm Plug size
16mm Plug size
18mm Plug size
20mm Plug size
22mm Plug size
24mm Plug size
26mm Plug size
28mm Plug size
30mm Plug size
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CHF 3.70 EUR 3,10 €
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CHF 34.70 EUR 29,10 €
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CHF 34.70 EUR 29,10 €
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CHF 29.80 EUR 25,00 €
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CHF 29.80 EUR 25,00 €
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Cool and trendy plugs and tunnels made of soft plastic silicone or PVC. Although mostly round and circular, a heart or triangle can also appear as a shape. The plugs and tunnels are available in black, red, pink, green, blue, light blue, light beige and white. Rubber rings are also available. We are pleased about your purchase in our Swiss online jewellery shop.

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