Steel claws are solid and particularly suitable for stretching and expanding your pierced earlobes. Furthermore, many of them are shipped with rubber rings stopper which prevents the claws from slipping out during the stretching process.

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Surgical Steel 316L
Black PVD-coating
Can be used for earlobe stretching
Jewelry for expanded earlobes
3.0mm Diameter
50mm Length
Plug size
1.2mm Plug size
1.6mm Plug size
2.0mm Plug size
2.5mm Plug size
3.0mm Plug size
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10mm Plug size
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15 Items

The great steel claws are excellent as a stretching rod to stretch the ear hole. Some pieces are delivered with rubber rings for fixation. The claws are made of surgical 316L steel and typically appear in silver. Black pieces are also available. You want a steel claw for an earplug? We will be happy to send you your order at lightning speed.

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