Buy Titanium plugs & tunnels at BIJOUTERIA.

Here you can find a selection of plugs and tunnels in titanium. Titanium is the best friend for people who are allergic to different materials. Hardly anyone's responding to Titan. The jewellery shines in a silver-coloured robe in your widened ear hole. Enriched with fine crystals are also these wonderful eye-catchers. The titanium jewelry, we also carry other piercings in titanium, you can order comfortably from home. Since we always have our listed assortment in stock, we guarantee you a fast processing of your order and a prompt shipping. This is how online shopping simply makes fun.

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5 Items

The plugs and tunnels are made of titanium. Titanium is a metal that most people can wear without allergic reactions. The plain pieces of jewellery can be delivered with a rubber ring for fixation. White crystals also find their place in the silver-coloured domain. We will be happy to send you your ordered Titan Plug or Tunnel fast and free of postage.

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