Buy Wood Claws at BIJOUTERIA. For men and women!

In addition to horn and bone, wood is also a popular organic material from which exquisite claws, spikes and spirals can be made. There's something for everyone. Men probably prefer the simple models with their beautiful grain, from dark sonewood or ironwood to light teak. Women love the hand-painted and lacquered specimens with colourful floral patterns, stars or animal print. But to stretch your ear hole, you'd better go to one of our Steel Claws to fall back on. Order here beautiful and unique wooden jewelry for dilated earlobes, with postage free lightning shipping directly from Swiss warehouse.

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Crocodile wood
Iron wood
Sono wood
Teak wood
light brown
Leaf / Plant pattern
Fur / Fur pattern ..
Tribal pattern
Can be used for earlobe stretching
Jewelry for expanded earlobes
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13 Items

The wood claws made of crocodile wood, ironwood, sonewood or teakwood are presented in many colourful and upbeat variations. Those who like it in the natural wood look will also get their money's worth like those who paint it and thus like a touch of ethno. Great drawings with stars, waves, animal patterns, Flühel or general plant patterns are trendy here. The wood claws are also perfectly suited as expansion rods. Why not fall in love with one and put it in the shopping cart?

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