Pregnancy-piercing out of Surgical Steel 316L and Bioplast with Crystal. Closure ball:5mm. Bar length:30mm. Diameter:8mm. Weight:1,9g. Ideal for belly piercing, during pregnancy.

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Ideal for belly piercing, during pregnancy. Cut it to your wanted length. Fragile. This item has to be worn with care.
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silverish / transparent

Closure ball


Bar length







Surgical Steel 316L



Body location

Belly / Stomach
Navel / Navel piercing

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Surgical Steel 316L
Surgical steel 316L, originally used in medical implants (e.g. artificial joints), has now become the most important material for piercings. It is characterized by its extremely shiny surface with practically no uneven traces. Surgical steel is also very scratch-resistant.However, it is not advisable to use surgical steel for first-time piercings since its nickel component as part of the alloy may become active when in contact with the sore salt of a newly pierced skin (we recommend to use Titanium G23 or Bioplast instead). Surgical steel can be worn without any trouble once the piercing hole is healed because Nickel cannot be absorbed by the body anymore. Allergies to surgical steel 316L are rare.
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Bioplast is a biocompatible material, this means that the human body tolerates it completely. Since it is hypoallergenic, Bioplast is particularly suited for people wearing a piercing for the first time. When you purchase one of our piercing products for first time usage, please make sure to have your piercing sterilized by a professional piercing studio. Wearing bioplast enhances the healing process. In fact, the material flexibility guarantees an ideal adjustment to the pierced area. Bioplast navel piercings can be worn during pregnancy without any problem. Moreover, bioplast piercing barbells can shortened if necessary.
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