The symbol of this belly chain can be worn on the front side or on the back side. If you wear it on your back, it looks like a tailbone tattoo. Wearing it on your front side, belly chains are the perfect fake belly piercings.

Price up to CHF
up to CHF 40.-
Max. weight
up to 6 g
up to 8 g
up to 10 g
silver-plated brass
light blue
Heart / Love
Salamander / Gecko..
Tribal pattern
65-100cm Length
20mm Width
35mm Width
40mm Width
50mm Width
55mm Width
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CHF 38.40 EUR 27,30 €
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CHF 32.90 EUR 23,40 €
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CHF 34.70 EUR 24,60 €
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CHF 32.80 EUR 23,30 €
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CHF 36.10 EUR 25,60 €
10 Colors
CHF 31.10 EUR 22,10 €

All prices include VAT.

9 Items

Discreet belly jewellery for sunny days. The jewellery is made of brass with a silver coating. Typical for symbolism is the influence of tribal drawings. But also salamanders, hearts or dragons flow into the design. Crystals whose colours can be selected from aqua, blue, violet, green, pink and white also find their place in the belly chain. Order your favorite belly chain today.

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