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Stainless steel ring with zirconia. Width:6mm. Weight:4,7g. Rounded.

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Has shiny and matt parts. Rounded.
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white / silverish




4.7g (Weighed at size 60)


Stainless Steel



Body location

Finger / Ring finger / Middle finger / Index finger / Ring


Stripes / Grooves / Rills / Lines


The finger ring made of stainless steel with shiny and matt stripes and a sparkling zirconia gemstone looks elegant on every woman's hand. The grooves running at the same height as the stone setting accentuate the zirconia diamond in a discreet way. This fashionable and at the same time elegant accessory is guaranteed nickel-free and fits to different elegant and cool styles. Be trendy and combine different pieces of jewellery and clothes to your personal look! This finger ring is also the ideal choice if you and your friend are looking for a partner ring; as a male counterpart we recommend a simple Stripes ring with three stripes as well. Be inspired by our wide range of fancy and chic finger rings in our online shop and create your very own Stripes Pairring Duo!

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Item reviews
5 stars Barbara from Bäretswil - 25.02.2020

Sehr schöner Ring, gefällt mir sehr.

5 stars Natalie from Muri/AG - 21.01.2020

Ein super schöner Ring, Dezent und doch Brillant. Gute Qualität und super Preis für ein solchen schönen und gut verarbeitet Ring.

4 stars Bernadette from Emmenbrücke - 03.01.2020

Dieser Ring passt perfekt.

4 stars Marco from Rorschacherberg - 01.12.2019

Wenn das Steinchen grösser gewesen wäre, hätte es 5* gegeben.

4 stars Helena A. from Oberriet - Eichenwies SG - 17.08.2019

Schöner Ring, gut zum tragen

5 stars Davide from Flurlingen - 28.03.2019

Sehr gut und angenehm zum tragen!

5 stars Jutta from Neustadt - 07.02.2019

Der Ring ist sehr schön und wirkt, als wäre er aus Silber, nicht aus Edelstahl! Alle drei bestellten Ringe gefallen mir sehr gut.

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Stainless Steel
Stainless steel´s extremely shiny surface with almost no uneven traces is highly appreciated. Furthermore, it is a hard, scratch-resistant and stainless material. Stainless steel does not tarnish and allergies to it are very rare.
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Zirconia (molecular formula: ZrO2, Zirconium dioxide) is synthetic substitute for diamond . Its hardness is almost as high as the one of diamond (8.5 as opposed to 10) which makes it resistable. However, it may scratch other material easily. Zirconia can be produced in different colours and levels of transparency. It is normally cut in faces (in the same way as glass).
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