The aviator, also called pilot sunglasses, has been designed back in the 1930s in order to provide the pilot a better view in the sky. This sunglass model has been a part of the fashion world every since. No matter if men or women, simple or colored, the aviator belongs to the most popular sunglasses models in the world and won't never go out of fashion.

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5 Items
RAY BAN Sunglasses
CHF 145.00 EUR 103,00 €
SPY Sunglasses
CHF 169.00 EUR 120,00 €
FILTRATE Sunglasses
CHF 99.00 EUR 70,30 €
RAY BAN Sunglasses
CHF 125.00 EUR 88,80 €
RAY BAN Sunglasses
CHF 125.00 EUR 88,80 €

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5 Items

Great aviator sunglasses from various brands such as Spy, Filtrate, Ray Ban, etc.. The sunglasses are made of plastic, brass, resin, acrylic glass and/or polycarbonate. They fit perfectly in summer and of course on every ski slope. Buy your Aviator Sunglasses today at Bijouteria - Your Jewellery Online Shop!

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