Digital watches give a touch of modernity. The electronic display, the easy legibility as well as the clever arrangement of the most important information are the advantages of this watch.

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Max. weight
up to 100 g
up to 30 g
up to 35 g
up to 40 g
up to 45 g
up to 50 g
up to 75 g
Acrylic glass
Stainless Steel
Mineral glass
light brown
12/24-hour timekeeping
24-hour timekeeping (AM/PM)
Date and weekday display
Digital display
Stainless steel band
Automatic calendar
Matt finish
Case made of stainless steel and plastic
Resin case
Adjustable fastening
World time function
14-20.5cm Length
14.5-18.5cm Length
14.8-22.5 Length
15-21.5cm Length
15-21cm Length
15.5-21.5cm Length
15.5-21cm Length
16.5-23.5cm Length
17-22.5cm Length
17-22cm Length
30.3mm Size
36.8mm Size
38.6mm Size
38.9mm Size
48.9mm Size
24.6mm Width
33.2mm Width
35mm Width
36.3mm Width
38mm Width
42.8mm Width
42mm Width
44mm Width
46mm Width
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12 Items
CHF 139.00 EUR 98,70 €
LORUS Digital
CHF 39.00 EUR 27,70 €
CASIO Digital
CHF 98.00 EUR 69,60 €
LORUS Digital
CHF 39.00 EUR 27,70 €
LORUS Digital
CHF 39.00 EUR 27,70 €
PULSAR Digital
CHF 265.00 EUR 188,20 €
CASIO Digital
CHF 98.00 EUR 69,60 €
CASIO Digital
CHF 79.00 EUR 56,10 €
CASIO Digital
CHF 59.00 EUR 41,90 €
CASIO Digital
CHF 98.00 EUR 69,60 €
CASIO Digital
CHF 39.00 EUR 27,70 €
LORUS Digital
CHF 39.00 EUR 27,70 €

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12 Items
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