Also for men: Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, piercings and watches - everything a man desires! And for children, we have rings, earstuds, pendants and bracelets in cute and stylish.


Ear studs
14 Colors  
CHF 26.10 EUR 17,70 €
CHF 12.70 EUR 8,60 €
12 Sizes  
CHF 70.20 EUR 47,70 €
CHF 87.80 20%
3 Sizes  
CHF 32.70 EUR 22,20 €
6 Sizes  
CHF 59.90 EUR 40,70 €
3 Colors  
CHF 49.30 EUR 33,50 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 2.70 EUR 1,80 €
CHF 9.10 70%
4 Sizes  
CHF 39.00 EUR 26,50 €


Our huge collection of rings is legendary: About 500 Designs, made of silver, stainless steel, wood or gold-plated for ordering directly from stock in many sizes - also in extra small and extra large!


No matter if you are looking for earstuds, plugs, hoop earrings or dangle earrings - here you find everything in different styles, from elegant to rock 'n' roll, to order from stock in the Bijouteria Online Shop.


Our huge selection of body jewelry: belly piercing, nose piercings, plugs, tongue piercings, nipple piercings as well as a numerous amount of balls and bananas as individual parts for combining each other or as spare parts.




Different kinds of bracelets in top quality and wide variety: made of leather, stainless steel or Alcantara with Swarovski crystals. And watches by Casio, Michael Kors, Seiko, Jowissa, Bering and many more.


Surfer necklaces, simple necklaces made of silver, leather and stainless steel, pearl necklaces, stone necklaces or all kinds of pendants, we offer jewelry which suits every taste, both women and men.


Foot Jewelry


Charms, beads, fake tattoos, belly chains , vouchers and clips for ear, nose or nipple. And anklets and toe rings from the foot jewelry category for hot days.




Cool sun protection: Our stylish sunglasses, from Wayfarer, Aviator to Butterfly Click on SALE to check out all discounted items, weekly offers and discontinued items.

Known from the cinema and TV

Piercing and Costume Jewellery Online Shop for her and him. Shop for guys and girls. Buy ladies and male Jewellery and Piercings. Silver Jewellery with free shipping. Trend Piercingshop. Nice and cool Jewelry to order online. Onlineshop for men and women. Catalogue to print out. Affordable Shopping in swiss Onlineshop. The piercing and Jewelry shop of Switzerland. Pretty Sale of all kind of Jewellery and Accessories. Before called Huber Bijouteria. Cheap Fashion and Piercing Jewelery. Special and different Rings, Plugs, Bananas and much more. Online Bijouterie with very good prices. Big collection of costume jewelry and piercings.

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