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FAQ ? Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an item engraved ?
So far, we do not offer this service.
But you can contact a goldsmith or jewellery shop at your local area.
Many of them offer engravings for a small charge even for foreign jewellery products.

Do you have a piercing studio ?
We do not pierce but you can find local piercing studios by using Google.

Is this product also available in this color... or in this size??
All selectable colors and sizes match our stock. That means, not listed variations are not available, unfortunately. Items out of stock are generally available again within the next 2 months. However, discontinued itemss (at the bottom of the categories with 50% discount or more) are an exception and will not be reordered again.

Can I reserve an items which is out of stock at the moment?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Therefore, we recommend you to visit our online shop from time to time so you can check if your wanted item is available again.

I look for ..., do you have something like or do you have in mind to take it in your range?
Our entire range is visible on our online shop. We do not have any other kinds of items
If you think there is a great item missing which can be interesting for many customer,
please feel free to let us know.

I cannot order due to technical problems, what should I do ?
You can use our contact form above to place an order
- Write down item numbers and its/their colors/sizes when necessary.
- Write down name, address, telephone no. and date of birth.
To fix technical problems of our shop-website, please outline briefly the problem.

My voucher has not been credited. Why?
Our vouchers can be redeemed once per person.
Maybe you have already redeemed your voucher. You can see all your redeemed vouchers in your myBijouteria.

What is your address?
Bijouteria GmbH
Postfach 5010
CH - 8021 Zürich 1

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