When one talks about jewellery, one imagines the majority of them as ladies. However, it is no longer the case that personal styling is a matter for women. On the contrary, many men set new trends with the skilful use of jewellery elements. Gone are the days when men chose rough, coarse and striking pieces of jewellery to emphasise their own strong masculinity. The fine, delicate and perhaps even fragile side can also be displayed and celebrated. We are proud to offer the men's world a wide and beautiful selection of finger rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, plugs and many types of piercings.

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1.2mm Thread
1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
up to 10 g
up to 100 g
up to 12 g
up to 14 g
up to 16 g
up to 18 g
up to 2 g
up to 20 g
up to 25 g
up to 3 g
up to 30 g
up to 35 g
up to 4 g
up to 40 g
up to 45 g
up to 5 g
up to 50 g
up to 6 g
up to 75 g
up to 8 g
14K Gold
18K Gold
Acrylic glass
Acrylic plastic
Aqua chalcedony
Beech wood
Black PVD-coating
Black onyx
Blue Topaz
Buffalo horn
Cherry wood
Coconut wood
Color printed on paper
Crocodile wood
Fresh water pearl
Iron wood
Jackfruit wood
Lab grown diamond
Liana Wood
Natural stone
PVD-coating (gold color)
Paua Shell
Poplar wood
Premium crystal
Recycled Polyester
Rose wood
Sawo wood
Sea shell
Shivaīs Eye
Silver 925
Silver 925 rhodanized
Skin friendly adhesive
Sono wood
Stainless Steel
Surgical Steel 316L
Synthetic leather
Synthetic opal
Tamarind wood
Teak wood
Tiger wood
Tigerīs eye
Walnut wood
Wenge wood
carbon fibre
lava stone
silver-plated brass
synthetic resin
Black Sono wood
Crocodile wood
Sono wood
amber yellow
dark blue
dark brown
dark green
golden white
greenish blue
light beige
light blue
light brown
light magenta
light pink
light purple
rose gold color
shining yellow
silver grey
Anchor / rope / sh..
Clothing / Shoes /..
Drop / drop-shape ..
Eagle / Bird / Stork
Eternal / Loop / E..
Eye / Iris / Pupil
Flame / Fire
Fur / Fur pattern ..
Ganesha / Elephant
Horse / Stallion /..
Jamaica / Reggae
Leaf / Plant pattern
Letter / Character..
Love / Affection
Om / Aum / God / U..
Peace / Dove / Pig..
Pistol / Gun / Rev..
Plaid / Checked
Poker / Card / Hea..
Salamander / Gecko..
Skull / Skeleton
Smiley / Smilie / ..
Spider / Spider web
Star sign / Horosc..
Stripes / Grooves ..
Tree / Tree of Life
Tribal pattern
Turtle / Tortoise
Weed / Hemp / Hemp..
Yin Yang / Taijitu
Adjustable length
Can be used for earlobe stretching
Circular Barbell
Curved Barbell
Do not wear during bathing or showering to maintain its look
Ear edge clip (helix)
For nasal septum
For round pierced eye-brow
For the right ear
For tragus
Has shiny and matt parts
Jewelry for expanded earlobes
Kept it raw, matt
Labret plug
Lights up in black light / UV light
Made in Switzerland
Matt finish
Necklace for charms
Orange variation glows in black light / UV light
Segment ring
Size is adjustable from 42 to 50
Tungsten is a particularly high-quality metal: very heavy, hard and resistant
Tunnel, this means one can see through your earlobe
Upper finger ring
Variation Green glows in black light / UV light
Variation Luminous yellow glows in black light / UV light
With magnet clasp
You can turn the part in the middle
flip cover
1.6mm Diameter
1.6mm-2mm Diameter
10mm Diameter
11mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
13.5mm Diameter
13mm Diameter
14.5mm Diameter
14mm Diameter
15.5mm Diameter
15mm Diameter
16.4mm Diameter
16mm Diameter
17mm Diameter
18mm Diameter
19mm Diameter
2.0mm Diameter
2.5mm Diameter
20mm Diameter
22mm Diameter
23mm Diameter
25mm Diameter
28mm Diameter
3.0mm Diameter
4.0mm Diameter
4.4cm Diameter
5.0mm Diameter
55mm Diameter
6.0mm Diameter
6.5mm Diameter
65mm Diameter
7.0mm Diameter
7.5mm Diameter
8.0mm Diameter
8.3mm Diameter
9.0mm Diameter
10mm Length
11mm Length
12cm-21cm Length
12mm Length
13-21cm Length
13.8cm Length
13mm Length
14-18.5cm Length
14mm Length
15/17/19cm Length
15mm Length
16-18.5cm Length
16.5-21.5cm Length
16.5-21cm Length
16.8cm Length
16mm Length
17.5-20.5cm Length
17.5cm Length
17.5cm/19cm/21cm Length
17cm Length
17cm-20.5cm Length
18-21cm Length
18-23cm Length
18.5-20cm Length
18.5-24cm Length
18cm Length
18mm Length
19-20.5cm Length
19-23cm Length
19-24cm Length
19.5cm Length
19.5cm/21cm/22.5cm Length
19cm Length
19mm Length
20+21.5cm Length
20.5cm Length
20cm Length
20mm Length
21.5-26.5cm Length
21.5cm Length
21cm Length
22cm Length
22mm Length
23cm Length
23mm Length
24mm Length
25mm Length
26cm Length
26mm Length
28mm Length
30mm Length
32mm Length
33cm Length
33mm Length
34mm Length
35-40cm Length
35mm Length
36mm Length
37cm Length
37mm Length
38-44.5cm Length
38cm Length
38mm Length
4.0mm Length
4.5mm Length
40-70cm Length
40-80cm Length
40cm Length
40mm Length
41mm Length
42/44/47cm Length
43.5cm Length
43cm Length
45-90cm Length
45cm Length
45mm Length
46mm Length
5.0mm Length
5.5mm Length
50cm Length
50mm Length
55mm Length
6.0mm Length
6.5mm Length
65cm Length
67cm Length
7.0mm Length
8.0mm Length
8.7cm Length
9.0mm Length
1.5cm Size
10mm Size
10x3mm Size
10x4mm Size
10x5mm Size
10x6mm Size
11x4mm Size
11x5mm Size
11x6mm Size
12mm Size
12x12mm Size
12x3mm Size
12x4mm Size
12x5mm Size
12x6mm Size
12x8mm Size
13cm Size
13x12mm Size
13x4mm Size
13x6mm Size
14mm Size
14x12mm Size
14x4mm Size
14x5mm Size
14x6mm Size
14x8mm Size
15x4mm Size
15x5mm Size
15x6mm Size
16.8cm Size
16cm Size
16mm Size
16x12mm Size
16x5mm Size
16x6mm Size
16x8mm Size
18mm Size
18x6mm Size
19x10mm Size
19x12mm Size
19x6mm Size
19x8mm Size
2.3cm Size
2.4mm Size
2.5x2.5mm Size
2.5x3mm Size
2.9cm Size
20.5cm Size
20x6mm Size
22x10mm Size
22x12mm Size
22x6mm Size
22x8mm Size
25mm Size
3.0cm Size
3.0mm Size
3.0x5mm Size
3.1cm Size
3.3cm Size
3.8cm Size
3x3mm Size
3x4mm Size
4.0cm Size
4.0mm Size
4.0x4mm Size
4.0x6mm Size
4.1mm Size
4.4cm Size
4.5cm Size
4.8cm Size
48mm Size
4x4mm Size
5.0mm Size
5.0x5mm Size
5.4cm Size
50mm Size
5x5mm Size
6.0mm Size
6.0x3mm Size
6.0x4mm Size
6.6cm Size
6.7cm Size
7.0cm Size
7.0mm Size
7.0x3mm Size
7.0x4mm Size
7.3cm Size
8.0cm Size
8.0mm Size
8.0x3mm Size
8.0x4mm Size
9.0cm Size
9.0x4mm Size
9.2cm Size
9.5cm Size
1.4mm Width
1.5mm Width
1.6mm Width
1.7mm Width
10mm Width
11.2cm Width
11.4mm Width
11.5cm Width
11.5mm Width
11mm Width
12.5mm Width
12mm Width
13.5mm Width
13.9cm Width
13mm Width
14.5mm Width
14mm Width
15mm Width
16mm Width
17.5mm Width
17mm Width
18.5cm Width
18.5mm Width
18mm Width
19mm Width
2.0mm Width
2.2mm Width
2.4cm Width
2.5mm Width
2.8cm Width
20mm Width
21.3cm Width
21mm Width
22mm Width
23mm Width
24mm Width
25mm Width
26mm Width
27mm Width
28mm Width
3.0cm Width
3.0mm Width
3.2cm Width
3.3cm Width
3.5mm Width
3.6cm Width
3.7cm Width
32mm Width
34mm Width
35mm Width
37mm Width
4.0mm Width
4.1cm Width
4.4cm Width
4.5mm Width
4.7mm Width
5.0mm Width
5.3mm Width
5.4cm Width
5.5cm Width
5.5mm Width
5.7cm Width
5.7mm Width
6.0mm Width
6.5cm Width
6.5mm Width
6.6cm Width
7.0cm Width
7.0mm Width
7.1mm Width
7.5mm Width
7.8mm Width
8.0mm Width
8.5cm Width
8.5mm Width
8.6mm Width
9.0cm Width
9.0mm Width
9.5cm Width
9.8cm Width
9.9mm Width
ca.11mm Width
ca.3.1mm Width
Plug size
1.6mm Plug size
10mm Plug size
12mm Plug size
13mm Plug size
14mm Plug size
15mm Plug size
16mm Plug size
18mm Plug size
2.0mm Plug size
2.5mm Plug size
20mm Plug size
22mm Plug size
24mm Plug size
26mm Plug size
28mm Plug size
3.0mm Plug size
3.2mm Plug size
30mm Plug size
4.0mm Plug size
5.0mm Plug size
6.0mm Plug size
7.0mm Plug size
8.0mm Plug size
9.0mm Plug size
Ring size
46 Ring size
48 Ring size
50 Ring size
52 Ring size
54 Ring size
56 Ring size
58 Ring size
60 Ring size
62 Ring size
64 Ring size
66 Ring size
68 Ring size
70 Ring size
72 Ring size
74 Ring size
76 Ring size
Ball Diameter
2.0mm Ball Diameter
2.5mm Ball Diameter
3.0mm Ball Diameter
4.0mm Ball Diameter
5.0mm Ball Diameter
6.0mm Ball Diameter
8.0mm Ball Diameter
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834 Items
Tungsten Ring
new item star new item star
12 Sizes  
CHF 73.80 63,50 €
Silver ring
new item star new item star
12 Sizes  
CHF 74.20 63,80 €
4 Sizes  
CHF 34.70 29,80 €
Tungsten Ring
new item star new item star
12 Sizes  
CHF 73.80 63,50 €
Stone pendant
new item star new item star
CHF 56.40 48,50 €
Silver ring
new item star new item star
11 Sizes  
CHF 73.10 62,90 €
CHF 56.80 48,80 €
4 Sizes  
CHF 124.20 106,80 €
Silver ring
new item star new item star
12 Sizes  
CHF 58.60 50,40 €
Tungsten Ring
new item star new item star
12 Sizes  
CHF 72.90 62,70 €
3 Sizes  
CHF 130.80 112,50 €
new item star new item star
4 Sizes  
CHF 66.50 57,20 €

Profit from the Cyber Monday voucher. Can be cumulated with possible discounts for regular customers and the percentage on articles. Valid on the whole assortment (except vouchers). Can be redeemed 1x per person. Minimum order value: CHF 50.-. Valid until 29. November 2021.

Silver ring
new item star new item star
12 Sizes  
CHF 106.00 91,20 €
new item star new item star
5 Sizes  
CHF 48.30 41,50 €
Tungsten Ring
new item star new item star
9 Sizes  
CHF 60.30 51,90 €
5 Sizes  
CHF 50.80 43,70 €
new item star new item star
4 Sizes  
CHF 50.60 43,50 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
5 Sizes  
CHF 80.10 68,90 €
7 Sizes  
CHF 34.10 29,30 €
Stone pendant
new item star new item star
CHF 56.40 48,50 €
CHF 61.50 52,90 €
Fake plug
new item star new item star
CHF 26.10 22,40 €
CHF 42.00 36,10 €
Ear studs
10 Colors  
CHF 28.00 24,10 €
Surfer bracelet
CHF 14.80 12,70 €
5 Sizes  
CHF 148.90 128,10 €
Tungsten Ring
12 Sizes  
CHF 72.90 62,70 €
PAUL HEWITT Beach bracelet
new item star new item star
CHF 69.00 59,30 €
Neck jewelry
new item star new item star
CHF 110.80 95,30 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
CHF 35.80 30,80 €
Stone pendant
new item star new item star
CHF 54.20 46,60 €
PAUL HEWITT Neck jewelry
new item star new item star
CHF 119.00 102,30 €
new item star new item star
4 Sizes  
CHF 60.40 51,90 €
CHF 22.80 19,60 €
CHF 35.00
Surfer bracelet
CHF 14.80 12,70 €
Tungsten Ring
12 Sizes  
CHF 73.80 63,50 €
Fake plug
6 Sizes  
CHF 40.00 34,40 €
CHF 58.60 50,40 €
Neck jewelry
new item star new item star
CHF 25.10 21,60 €
Simple necklace
5 Sizes  
CHF 34.10 29,30 €
3 Sizes  
CHF 42.50 36,60 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
Silver ring
14 Sizes  
CHF 60.20 51,80 €
new item star new item star
CHF 69.00 59,30 €
7 Colors  
CHF 58.20 50,10 €
5 Sizes  
CHF 8.00 6,90 €
Ear studs
13 Colors  
CHF 23.40 20,10 €
2 Sizes  
CHF 42.30 36,40 €
Titan Ring
14 Sizes  
CHF 68.50 58,90 €
Dangle earrings
CHF 19.20 16,50 €
Steel ring
13 Sizes  
CHF 59.30 51,00 €
new item star new item star
13 Sizes  
CHF 34.60 29,80 €
Silver ring
13 Sizes  
CHF 86.70 74,60 €
new item star new item star
CHF 40.80 35,10 €
Steel ring
14 Sizes  
CHF 46.20 39,70 €
Silver ring
8 Sizes  
CHF 76.20 65,50 €
Titan Ring
10 Sizes  
CHF 59.50 51,20 €
Silver ring
15 Sizes  
CHF 59.70 51,30 €
CHF 44.90 38,60 €
3 Sizes  
CHF 24.70 21,20 €
CHF 37.50 32,30 €
Neck jewelry
2 Colors  
CHF 56.40 48,50 €
Steel ring
9 Sizes  
CHF 51.80 44,50 €
Ear studs
10 Colors  
CHF 33.10 28,50 €
2 Sizes  
CHF 85.50 73,50 €
Silver ring
14 Sizes  
CHF 48.70 41,90 €
CHF 24.60 21,20 €
Silver ring
14 Sizes  
CHF 52.00 44,70 €
Silver ring
13 Sizes  
CHF 57.00 49,00 €
Titan Ring
14 Sizes  
CHF 62.60 53,80 €
Fake plug
new item star new item star
CHF 28.60 24,60 €
2 Sizes  
CHF 22.80 19,60 €
CHF 25.80 22,20 €
2 Colors  
CHF 42.50 36,60 €
CHF 38.00 32,70 €
Silver ring
16 Sizes 36%
CHF 61.50 52,90 €
CHF 96.10
8 Colors  
CHF 30.10 25,90 €

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834 Items
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