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Terms & Conditions

Shipment is carried out worldwide free-of-charge.
All listed products are deliverable immediately and leave our warehouse within 24 hours.

Right of cancellation
Products can be returned within 30 days. Free return shipping within Switzerland. Mailing expenses for reconsignments have to be paid by the customer living abroad

We grant 2 years warranty on our products. Excluded are damages inflicted through force or wear and tear (e.g. scratches or torn chains).

Payment Terms
Switzerland: Total amount of not returned items within 30 days. (With deposit slip). For this purpose, Bijouteria GmbH checks credit reports of new customers
Abroad: Advance payment via PayPal / credit card / bank deposit. A credit is granted in amount of the purchase price of possibly returned products. This credit can be transferred to the customer's bank account or paypal account at customer's request.

We are liable for the transport to the customer, so long we are notified of any transport damages, wrong deliveries or not received orders immediately. The customer is liable for reconsignments.
We are not liable for any property damage or personal injuries, the usage of all goods occurs at the customers's risk.

All images and texts are copyrighted and are prohibited to be used without our approval.

Basically all selectable products are deliverable immediately. If a product is not available in a rare case, we delete this item automatically from the order list and the remaining products are delivered.
Deliveries into other countries can entail additional fees from the customs office, which are refunded by us in form of a credit.
In exceptional cases we do not carry out orders or only deliver if the customer provides advanced payment.
Orders made in Switzerland must be paid in CHF while the ones made abroad must be paid in EUR.
Our customer service works exclusively by E-Mail. Business languages are German, French and English. Other languages or phone customer services cannot be offered.

Severability Clause
If provisions of these terms and conditions are or become partly inoperative, the remaining conditions stay operant. Parties have to replace the inoperative terms with a legal arrangement that comes close to the economic and legal meaning and purpose of the inoperant terms.

Changes to these terms and conditions are possible at any time. Every order complies with the status of the terms and conditions that were in place at time of order.

Swiss law is solely applied, place for jurisdiction is Zurich.

Zurich, 07.09.2016

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