Piercing for lip/Tragus out of Bioplast and Silver 925 with Crystal. Thread:1,2mm. Bar length:8mm. Width:3mm. Weight:0,06g.

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aqua blau gruen multicolor pink rot schwarz violett
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Silver 925



Body location

Labret piercing / Lip piercing
Madonna / Upper lip / Upper lip piercing / Monroe / Crayfish / Beezy / Booger Piercing
Medus / Medusa piercing
Cheek / Cheek piercing



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Olivia, Birmenstorf AG - 19.06.2019

Prima Grösse als Tragus

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Bioplast is a biocompatible material, this means that the human body tolerates it completely. Since it is hypoallergenic, Bioplast is particularly suited for people wearing a piercing for the first time. When you purchase one of our piercing products for first time usage, please make sure to have your piercing sterilized by a professional piercing studio. Wearing bioplast enhances the healing process. In fact, the material flexibility guarantees an ideal adjustment to the pierced area. Bioplast navel piercings can be worn during pregnancy without any problem. Moreover, bioplast piercing barbells can shortened if necessary.
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Silver 925
Silver 925, also known as Sterling Silver, contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Pure silver is not used in jewelry making, as it is too soft. Silver has a seductive look with its warm color-temperature and has been used in jewelry making since ancient times. The disadvantage of silver is: It can react to sulfur in the air (depending on air quality and skin type). This is commonly known as ´tarnishing´ or ´oxidation´. The best way to remove these dark spots is the following: polishing cloth boil water in a pan and add some salt and a piece of uncoated aluminium foil. Then put your piece of jewel into the pan and "pickle" it wait for a while. Effective are also polish products especially made for silver-cleaning.
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