BIJOUTERIA Ear studs stud29 - Silver ear studs with crystals

Ear studs out of Silver 925 with zirconia. Diameter:8mm. Weight:0,83g. Stone(s) are fixed in setting.

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Price for a pair. Stone(s) are fixed in setting.
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Silver 925


Women / Men

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Ear / Ear jewelry / Ear jewellery
Earlobe / Normal earpiercing / Earlobe piercing


Beautiful ear studs, aren't they? So simple, you can't find anything to describe it. So we describe it with scenarios that bring this experience closer to you. Warm summer nights on the beach while the breeze caresses your skin. The sand, still warm from the sun of the past day, give warmth and stability. But the sand also gives this strangely beautiful feeling of freedom, of being one with nature, when the feet are in close contact with the floor, as if we could take root. But the moment counts and this beautiful jewelry on your ears will always be there for you, a memory of beautiful warm days, carefree and happy moments. Summer nights, holiday feeling and freedom. This accessory stands for the beautiful sides of life. And best of all, you can order it right now. The next day it's already in your mailbox. Shipping is free and uncomplicated. What are you waiting for?

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Item reviews
5 stars Daniela from Zuerich - 24.06.2020


4 stars Alexander from Luzern - 19.04.2020

Fühle mich sehr wohl

5 stars Mary-José from Hauterive - 03.09.2019

Parfait pour ce que j'en ai besoin

5 stars Davide from Flurlingen - 28.03.2019


5 stars Annette from Fahrweid - 11.01.2019

Hab die gleichen auch noch etwas kleiner, sind top!

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Silver 925
Silver 925, also known as Sterling Silver, contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Pure silver is not used in jewelry making, as it is too soft. Silver has a seductive look with its warm color-temperature and has been used in jewelry making since ancient times. The disadvantage of silver is: It can react to sulfur in the air (depending on air quality and skin type). This is commonly known as ´tarnishing´ or ´oxidation´. The best way to remove these dark spots is the following: polishing cloth boil water in a pan and add some salt and a piece of uncoated aluminium foil. Then put your piece of jewel into the pan and "pickle" it wait for a while. Effective are also polish products especially made for silver-cleaning.
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Zirconia (molecular formula: ZrO2, Zirconium dioxide) is synthetic substitute for diamond . Its hardness is almost as high as the one of diamond (8.5 as opposed to 10) which makes it resistable. However, it may scratch other material easily. Zirconia can be produced in different colours and levels of transparency. It is normally cut in faces (in the same way as glass).
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