The choice is almost endless! Earstuds made of silver 925 are used by women andequally popular with men. Crystals, Swarovski stones and zirconia round off the design and give the piece of jewellery a touch of eccentricity. Many bright, hip colours such as aqua, blue, pink or plain white up to pastel shades. Silver 925 is ideal for the production of earrings, it is particularly light and comfortable to wear. You will have eternal joy in these fancy silver ear studs, if you take them off while showering and bathing. Quick and postage-free delivery directly fromWarehouse in Switzerland.

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Synthetic Pearls
Silver 925
Swarovski crystal
Swarovski Pearl
dark green
golden white
light blue
light pink
light magenta
light purple
rose gold color
Leaf / Plant pattern
Heart / Love
2.0mm Diameter
3.0mm Diameter
3.2mm Diameter
4.0mm Diameter
4.5mm Diameter
5.0mm Diameter
6.0mm Diameter
6.0x10mm Diameter
6.0x12mm Diameter
7.5mm Diameter
8.0mm Diameter
8.0x10mm Diameter
8.0x12mm Diameter
8.5mm Diameter
9.0mm Diameter
10mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
15mm Diameter
16/8mm Diameter
19mm Length
6x10mm Size
6x12mm Size
8x10mm Size
8x12mm Size
2.0mm Width
2.2mm Width
3.0mm Width
3.5mm Width
4.5mm Width
5.6mm Width
6.0mm Width
6.5mm Width
7.0mm Width
7.3mm Width
8.0mm Width
9.0mm Width
14mm Width
18mm Width
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13 Colors
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Ear studs
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11 Colors
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Ear studs
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Ear studs
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14 Colors
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Ear studs
CHF 37.50 EUR 26,60 €
6 Colors
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Ear studs
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Ear studs
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Ear studs
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4 Sizes
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4 Sizes
CHF 61.80 EUR 43,90 €
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Ear studs
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43 Items

Chic silver earrings 925 with Kirstallen or Zirkonia. Each earlobe has a unique plug. The silver or gold-coloured appearances, which are spiced up with colourful stones such as black, pink, blue, green, orange, aqua, violet, red, gold white, dark green, turquoise or multicoloured, vary not only in colour but also in their design. For some, the ear studs should be rather simple, others like them big and others are happy about symbols such as cloverleaf, leaf, flower or any other floral pattern. Materials such as plastic or epoxy resin are also used for production. In our online shop you will find a great selection of ear studs.

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