These fake plugs are hand carved and do have patterns filled with white resin. Buffalo Bone is very comfortable to wear because it is warm and light in weight. This material also has a soft, natural shine and is skin-friendly.

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up to CHF 30.-
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up to CHF 40.-
1.2mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
up to 2 g
up to 3 g
up to 4 g
up to 5 g
Buffalo bone
Surgical Steel 316L
synthetic resin
Buffalo horn
Tribal pattern
5.0mm Length
45mm Length
46mm Length
23mm Width
25mm Width
27mm Width
30mm Width
32mm Width
35mm Width
36mm Width
37mm Width
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Fake plug
CHF 27.40 EUR 19,50 €
Fake plug
CHF 21.50 EUR 15,30 €
CHF 37.00 42%until 28.07.19
Fake plug
CHF 25.60 EUR 18,20 €
Fake plug
CHF 25.20 EUR 17,90 €
Fake plug
CHF 30.60 EUR 21,70 €
Fake plug
CHF 29.20 EUR 20,70 €
Fake plug
CHF 39.70 EUR 28,20 €
Fake plug
CHF 39.20 EUR 27,80 €
Fake plug
CHF 44.80 EUR 31,80 €
Fake plug
CHF 25.60 EUR 18,20 €
Fake plug
CHF 42.80 EUR 30,40 €
Fake plug
CHF 31.10 EUR 22,10 €
Fake plug
CHF 32.90 EUR 23,40 €
Fake plug
CHF 28.40 EUR 20,20 €
Fake plug
CHF 34.20 EUR 24,30 €

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15 Items
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