Wood is a particularly warm material which gives an individual touch thanks to its pattern.

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up to CHF 40.-
up to CHF 45.-
Max. weight
up to 1 g
up to 2 g
up to 3 g
Crocodile wood
Surgical Steel 316L
Sono wood
dark brown
Leaf / Plant pattern
Fur / Fur pattern ..
Tribal pattern
5.0mm Length
24mm Width
25mm Width
27mm Width
28mm Width
30mm Width
31mm Width
33mm Width
34mm Width
37mm Width
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Fake plug
CHF 39.90 EUR 28,30 €
Fake plug
CHF 34.70 EUR 24,60 €
2 Sizes
CHF 32.90 EUR 23,40 €
Fake plug
CHF 34.70 EUR 24,60 €
Fake plug
CHF 43.20 EUR 30,70 €
Fake plug
CHF 39.60 EUR 28,10 €
Fake plug
CHF 39.90 EUR 28,30 €
Fake plug
CHF 38.60 EUR 27,40 €
Fake plug
CHF 46.60 EUR 33,10 €
Fake plug
CHF 41.80 EUR 29,70 €
Fake plug
CHF 42.40 EUR 30,10 €
Fake plug
CHF 36.10 EUR 25,60 €
2 Sizes
CHF 31.80 EUR 22,60 €

All prices include VAT.

13 Items

Back to nature! Our fake plugs made of sono or crocodile wood and a surgical steel 316L plug give a natural appearance. The fake plug can be inserted into a normal ear hole and worn. Most of them appear with the structure given by nature. Individuals are painted, either with an animal print (tiger, leopard, zebra) or with a floral pattern (flower). For this purpose beige, white, green and pink colours are used. Otherwise the fake plugs, which are partly based on the tribal style, are left in their brown or dark brown colour. A purchase in our Swiss online shop is always a good choice.

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