BIJOUTERIA - Jewelry and climate neutrality

Since the beginning, we have been characterized by a strong social commitment: fair wages, progressive working conditions, every employee has a Worldvision godchild, the offices and warehouses are completely powered by renewable electricity. In addition, part of the proceeds are donated to nature conservation and development aid.

We have also calculated all CO2 emissions: From the production of the jewelry, import routes, handling, logistics, vehicles, packaging materials, disposal, employee commutes and delivery to the customer to all CO2 emissions generated at the company site. Everything that we cannot avoid is fully offset in high-quality climate protection projects.

We are currently investing in two climate protection projects:

1. Efficient cooking stoves in Rwanda
firewood and charcoal, is of great importance in Rwanda and accounts for a significant proportion of energy consumption. This is often the predominant source of energy for boiling water and preparing food, especially in rural areas. Cooking generally takes place on old stoves and generates large amounts of smoke indoors. The solution: By replacing such inefficient stoves, there is a significant decrease in the annual biomass consumption of users. It also improves the health of residents, as clean cooking stoves in the home emit fewer pollutants.

2. Wind farm in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is still largely dependent on fossil fuels, especially coal. Bulgaria is struggling to get its energy transition off the ground. The wind project involves the construction and operation of 52 wind turbines. The project not only generates electricity from renewable energy sources and reduces dependence on fossil fuels, but also creates jobs for the local population and contributes to the development of local infrastructure, z. B. by improving local roads and financing local hospitals.

BIJOUTERIA was the first Swiss online store to be awarded the climate-neutral company label as early as 2015 .

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