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Here you will find a particularly beautiful and large selection of necklaces and necklaces made of freshwater pearls, crystal pearls or artificial pearls. These elegant and classic pearl necklaces are of course especially popular with girls, women and ladies. You can never have enough pearls, so you have to have one of our Silver Rings With Pearls, as well as Silver Earrings With Pearls combine. This set will complete every one of your outfits and make you an absolute eye-catcher! Here you will find necklaces in the most common lengths to wear over, on or under the neckline as well as very eye-catching and playful statement necklaces made of sparkling crystal beads in colors such as aqua, red, black, pink and many more. Take care of your next big performance right now and order the complete set, free of postage and with Blitzversand from Switzerland.

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Stainless Steel
Silver plated copper
Silver 925
Fresh water pearl
dark blue
golden white
light blue
light pink
light purple
With magnet clasp
42cm Length
74cm Length
17mm Width
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Pearl necklace
CHF 57.00 EUR 47,90 €
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CHF 75.40 EUR 63,30 €
Pearl necklace
CHF 92.30 EUR 77,50 €
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CHF 115.60 EUR 97,10 €
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CHF 99.50 EUR 83,60 €
3 Colors
CHF 59.10 EUR 49,60 €

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15 Items

Fashionably beautiful pearl necklaces stand for style and elegance. The necklaces created with agate, moonstone, onyx, shell, amethyst and freshwater pearls additionally use metals like silver 925, stainless steel or brass. Crystals are also used here and there. The colours salmon, red, white, black silver grey, gold white, violet, aqua and multicolor set the pace here. The chains varying in length will surely harmonize with your ethno or bling jewellery. What we sell, we have in stock. This means that we can ship as fast as an arrow!

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