Gemstones, precious stones, minerals and crystals have always been among the most popular natural materials for the production of stone chains and stone jewellery in general. These stone necklaces are simple, noble and timeless. A beautiful product of nature, millions of years old. You find here necklaces for men and women in different colours, lengths and diameters. Let yourself be enchanted by sparkling black onyx, blue lapis lazuli, amber tiger's eye or moonstone in delicate pink. Combine one of our Stones In Silver Setting and noble Silver & Stone Earrings for the perfect ensemble. Did you find something suitable? Then order right now, we deliver fast as lightning and free of postage directly from our warehouse in Switzerland.

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Stainless Steel
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18 Items

Beautiful stone jewelry for your neck. The necklaces are made with the stones onyx, lapis lazuli, amethyst, rose quartz, tiger eye or hematite and therefore have a heavy weight. Perfect for your ethno look, too. The colours blue, black, beige and pink dominate the selection. Order today until 17:00 o'clock and the order leaves our house today.

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