Buy Leather & PVC Chains at BIJOUTERIA. For men and women!

These necklaces and necklaces are made of leather or PVC go perfectly with a rock outfit, but can also be worn with a casual look. They are particularly suitable for men, but also cut a good figure on a woman's neck. Especially the chains, which are equipped with Charms Pendants are very well received by the female sex. Here you will find brown or black leather, plain and smooth or braided, in very thin and narrow to rather thick and wide. They work on their own, but can also be used with a Silver Pendants, Stainless Steel Pendants, an Shell Pendants or Stone Pendants can be combined. Please make sure that the specified eyelet diameters fit together. This necklace is also available in striking colours like red, aqua, silver or white, in different lengths or with adjustable size. Browse and order immediately, we deliver postage free and lightning fast from our Swiss warehouse.

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Stainless Steel
light blue
Tribal pattern
Adjustable length
With magnet clasp
Necklace for charms
40-70cm Length
40-80cm Length
45-90cm Length
45cm Length
8.0mm Width
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3 Sizes
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CHF 43.40 EUR 36,50 €
Simple necklace
CHF 17.80 EUR 15,00 €
5 Sizes
CHF 24.60 EUR 20,70 €
CHF 34.70 29%until 07.06.20
3 Sizes
CHF 33.10 EUR 27,80 €
5 Sizes
CHF 43.70 EUR 36,70 €
2 Sizes
CHF 32.80 EUR 27,60 €
5 Sizes
CHF 32.30 EUR 27,10 €
Simple necklace
CHF 17.10 EUR 14,40 €
Simple necklace
CHF 16.40 EUR 13,80 €
Simple necklace
CHF 46.00 EUR 38,60 €
5 Sizes
CHF 45.60 EUR 38,30 €
5 Sizes
CHF 44.40 EUR 37,30 €
5 Sizes
CHF 47.40 EUR 39,80 €
2 Sizes
CHF 34.80 EUR 29,20 €
3 Sizes
CHF 34.80 EUR 29,20 €

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21 Items

If you like necklaces in other materials like metal, you have come to the right place. Our cool necklaces made of leather and/or PVC convince by their lightness. However, to completely do without metal, only a few pieces dare to do so, since the stainless steel fasteners are somewhat more user-friendly than knotting leather. There are necklaces that venture into the limelight with a touch of Celtic atmosphere and tribal drawings.

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