Real semi-precious stones in 925 silver setting. As a natural product, each precious stone has its own texture. This specific feature makes your pendant unique. Therefore, please be aware that your pendant might look differently compared to the one on the picture. These pendants can be combined with Various Chains, Silver Chains or Leather & PVC Chains.

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Blue moonstone
Pink Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone
Rose quartz
Silver 925
Tigerīs eye
amber yellow
dark green
light pink
Drop / drop-shape ..
15mm Diameter
13mm Length
18mm Length
19mm Length
20mm Length
21mm Length
23mm Length
30mm Length
31mm Length
33mm Length
34mm Length
10mm Width
11mm Width
14mm Width
15mm Width
16mm Width
17mm Width
18mm Width
19mm Width
20mm Width
21mm Width
22mm Width
23mm Width
24mm Width
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25 Items
Stone pendant
CHF 48.60 EUR 34,50 €
Stone pendant
CHF 75.80 EUR 53,80 €
Stone pendant
CHF 53.90 EUR 38,30 €
Stone pendant
CHF 36.50 EUR 25,90 €
Stone pendant
CHF 78.80 EUR 55,90 €
Stone pendant
CHF 49.30 EUR 35,00 €
Stone pendant
CHF 75.40 EUR 53,50 €
Stone pendant
CHF 53.20 EUR 37,80 €
Stone pendant
CHF 48.60 EUR 34,50 €
Stone pendant
CHF 66.00 EUR 46,90 €
Stone pendant
CHF 142.00 EUR 100,80 €
Stone pendant
CHF 104.80 EUR 74,40 €
Stone pendant
CHF 47.50 EUR 33,70 €
Stone pendant
CHF 101.50 EUR 72,10 €
Stone pendant
CHF 100.50 EUR 71,40 €
Stone pendant
CHF 106.40 EUR 75,50 €
Stone pendant
CHF 42.00 EUR 29,80 €
Stone pendant
CHF 99.70 EUR 70,80 €
Stone pendant
CHF 66.00 EUR 46,90 €
Stone pendant
CHF 114.70 EUR 81,40 €
Stone pendant
CHF 102.60 EUR 72,80 €
CHF 138.70 26%until 28.07.19
Stone pendant
CHF 49.30 EUR 35,00 €
Stone pendant
CHF 45.70 EUR 32,40 €
Stone pendant
CHF 107.00 EUR 76,00 €
Stone pendant
CHF 75.80 EUR 53,80 €

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25 Items

Stones trigger a fascination in many people. They are also promised influential powers. That's why you like to wear a matching stone around your neck. Amethyst, rose quartz, tiger's eye, moonstone, onyx, labradorite, malachite or even turquoise is set in silver 925 and shines in its typical colour (pink, turquoise, white, blue, pink, brown, aqua, violet, multicolor, beige, dark green, light pink) in a round, oval or drop shape on your necklace. A great gift for Christmas or Valentine's Day. Order today in our Swiss Online Shop!

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