Here you can find shapely pendants and amulets made of silver 925. This precious metal has aunmistakably beautiful color tone, captivates by its shine and is, especially in combination with sparkling zirconia crystals or gemstones, an absolute eye-catcher! In addition to popular symbols such as heart, anchor, wings or feathers, you will also find playful designs such as clefs, pendants in Celtic or Indian style or even crosses in umpteen different variations. Matching articles from the following categories: Various Chains, Silver Chains or Leather & PVC Chains - just pay attention to the eyelet diameter so that the trailer can be towed. Many of these pendants and medallions are particularly suitable as gifts. Whether it's for a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just for fun, a friendship supporter or partner medallion always goes down well! Whether it's split hearts or pendants medallions for photos, you'll find the right gift or accessory for every taste and age, whether for women or men. Delivered at lightning speed and free of postage directly from stock in Switzerland.

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PVD-coating (gold color)
Silver 925
light blue
light magenta
rose gold color
Eagle / Bird / Stork
Leaf / Plant pattern
Heart / Love
Clef / Music / Gui..
Tribal pattern
10mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
14mm Diameter
16mm Diameter
16mm Length
35mm Length
36mm Length
39mm Length
41mm Length
9.0mm Size
10mm Width
11mm Width
12mm Width
15mm Width
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17mm Width
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37mm Width
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These silver 925 pendants not only look pretty, but make hearts beat faster. One of the reasons for this is that a gemstone such as crystal or zirconia accompanies the pendant and presents its sparkle in the light. It does not matter to the stone whether the pendant appears as a tribal drawing, a ball, a cross, a heart, a clef, a butterfly, an eagle or in the form of a snake.

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