Piercingball out of Surgical Steel 316L with Crystal and Epoxy. Thread:1,6mm. Diameter:6mm. Weight:0,283g.

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Surgical Steel 316L



Body location

Navel / Navel piercing
Nipple / Breast / piercing / Nipple piercing
Cheek / Cheek piercing
Christina / Mons pubis / Mons / Christina piercing
Conch / Piercing
Helix / Helix piercing / Helixpiercing
Industrial / Industrial piercing / Industrialpiercing
Clitoris / Clitoris piercing / Clitoris hood / Clitoris hood piercing
Labia / Labia piercing
Labret piercing / Lip piercing
Lip frenulum / Labial frenulum / Lip frenulum piercing / Labial frenulum piercing
Tragus / Tragus piercing
Septum / Nasal septum / Septum piercing
Snug / Snug piercings
Tongue / Tongue piercing
Ear / Ear jewelry / Ear jewellery


This piercing is thanks to a smooth layer of epoxy resin especially suitable for the sensitive areas of the body, so for example for piercings in the oral cavity, such as tongue piercings, or for piercings in the intimate area. Who possesses basically sensitive and easily irritable skin is best served with this fashionable piercing ball in any case. The ball with a slightly larger diameter of 6 mm can also be used as an ideal navel, cheek or nipple piercing ring. The protective layer has a transparent surface through which the underlying sparkling crystals shimmer. In addition to the dozens of glass crystals and the epoxy resin layer, the ball is made of surgical 316L steel and is available in a wide range of colours. If you like this practical and gentle material and would like to order more piercings in this form, you will find more articles from the same collection below. Let yourself be inspired and combine suitable piercings with each other. Thanks to the individual parts available from us you can also design your own individual piercing!

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Andrea, Gossau ZH - 21.07.2019

Alles i.O.

Madeleine, Inwil - 05.01.2019

Sehr schöne Piercingkugel

Jeanine, Aarau - 26.12.2018

Wirken in rot recht billig.

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Surgical Steel 316L
Surgical steel 316L, originally used in medical implants (e.g. artificial joints), has now become the most important material for piercings. It is characterized by its extremely shiny surface with practically no uneven traces. Surgical steel is also very scratch-resistant.However, it is not advisable to use surgical steel for first-time piercings since its nickel component as part of the alloy may become active when in contact with the sore salt of a newly pierced skin (we recommend to use Titanium G23 or Bioplast instead). Surgical steel can be worn without any trouble once the piercing hole is healed because Nickel cannot be absorbed by the body anymore. Allergies to surgical steel 316L are rare.
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