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There are no cases known that people suffered from any allergy provoked by titanium. Therefore, this material is perfectly suitable for sensitive people. Another positive feature of titanium is its light weight which makes it comfortable to wear. With the titanium piercing components in our shop, you can make up almost every kind of piercing. If you are not highly allergic, try titanium barbells and the closures (balls, spikes) can be made of other materials, such as surgical steel. This way, you have more choices.

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1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
Black PVD-coating
Swarovski crystal
dark green
night blue
light blue
light pink
light magenta
With a particulary big stone
Circular Barbell
Curved Barbell
Segment ring
5.0mm Diameter
6.0mm Diameter
7.0mm Diameter
8.0mm Diameter
10mm Diameter
11mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
13mm Diameter
14mm Diameter
5.0mm Length
6.0mm Length
7.0mm Length
8.0mm Length
9.0mm Length
10mm Length
11mm Length
12mm Length
13mm Length
14mm Length
15mm Length
16mm Length
18mm Length
19mm Length
20mm Length
22mm Length
25mm Length
26mm Length
8.0x4mm Size
10x4mm Size
10x5mm Size
11x4mm Size
11x5mm Size
12x5mm Size
13x4mm Size
13x6mm Size
14x4mm Size
14x5mm Size
14x6mm Size
15x4mm Size
15x5mm Size
16x5mm Size
16x6mm Size
Ball Diameter
3.0mm Ball Diameter
4.0mm Ball Diameter
5.0mm Ball Diameter
6.0mm Ball Diameter
8.0mm Ball Diameter
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The Titan line is especially designed for those who love titanium or are allergic to the common jewellery metals, as it has a very low allergy susceptibility. We are happy to send your tragus, labret, lip, lower lip, helix, navel, septum, nasal septum, industrial, earlobe, lobe, nipple, Christina, Venus mound, tongue, Lip band, bridge, nasal root, nasal bridge, nasal bone, conch, clitoral, clitoral foreskin, cheek, cheek, cheek, labia or snug piercing from our warehouse in Switzerland at lightning speed! This category includes bars for Barbell, Curved Barbell, Circular Barbell and Ball Closure Rings BCR as well as closures. Very pretty are the closures, which are additionally enhanced with a colored crystal. These are available in turquoise, blue, pink, green, orange, aqua, violet, multicolor, light blue, fuchsia and light pink. We are looking forward to your order!

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