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The balls or balls can be easily turned on your piercing pieces with a 1.6mm thread. The luster of the crystals, Swarovski crystals or zirconia stones attracts attention magically. The gemstones are either well fixed or covered with an epoxy layer in order to fit more gently to the supporting area. And the best thing is that you can choose your desired colour for different articles. If you don't want to have your sparkle only in your eyes but wear it on your body, don't hesitate and order today in our jewellery online shop. We deliver directly from stock and are therefore lightning fast. Try it out!

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1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
up to 2 g
Acrylic glass
Surgical Steel 316L
Black PVD-coating
Swarovski crystal
dark green
night blue
light blue
light pink
light magenta
light purple
shining yellow
Stripes / Grooves ..
Yin Yang / Taijitu
With a particulary big stone
Variation Luminous yellow glows in black light / UV light
Orange variation glows in black light / UV light
Ball Diameter
4.0mm Ball Diameter
5.0mm Ball Diameter
6.0mm Ball Diameter
6.5mm Ball Diameter
8.0mm Ball Diameter
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CHF 14.60 EUR 12,30 €
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15 Colors
CHF 16.40 EUR 13,80 €
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CHF 16.40 EUR 13,80 €
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8 Colors
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10 Colors
CHF 21.60 EUR 18,10 €

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22 Items

The glittering balls with a 1.6mm thread are characterized by the additional processing of crystals. No matter where you wear your piercing, whether tragus, labret, lower lip, helix, ear, navel, septum, nasal septum, Industrail, Christina, mound of Venus, tongue, lip band, nipple, conch, clitoris, clitoris foreskin, cheek, cheek, labia, labia or snug, the jewellery is compatible to 1.6mm thread rods and can be individually assembled. The crystals are available in different colors: blue, green, turquoise, aqua, violet, multicolor, light blue, night blue, fuchsia. The 316L stainless steel ball is generally silver, but can be covered with a gold or black PVD coating. There are also some patterns like flower and Yin Yang available. Order today from your favorite online jewelry store so you can soon wear your crystals adorned jewelry!

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