Here you will find closures and slave closures with 1.6mm thread in many special shapes, which can of course all be combined with rods from this category. No matter if tongue piercing, breast piercing, navel piercing, industrial piercings etc., these closures are very conspicuous, special and unusual. Here you will find spikes, rings with moving balls, stars and much more in silver, black, gold and many other colors such as blue, light blue, pink or green. Whether surgical stainless steel or acrylic glass, men and women can order many fun piercing components and piercing parts here and get everything delivered to your home lightning fast and postage free. Directly from the warehouse in Switzerland.

Price up to CHF
up to CHF 20.-
1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
up to 2 g
Acrylic glass
Surgical Steel 316L
Black PVD-coating
PVD-coating (gold color)
light blue
shining yellow
rose gold color
The color luminous yellow glows in the dark
The color orange glows in the dark
3.0mm Diameter
4.0mm Diameter
5.0mm Diameter
10mm Diameter
13mm Length
15mm Length
3.0mm Size
3.0x5mm Size
4.0mm Size
4.0x4mm Size
4.0x6mm Size
5.0mm Size
5.0x5mm Size
6.0mm Size
3x3mm Size
4x4mm Size
5.0mm Width
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14 Items
Piercing attachment
CHF 21.90 EUR 15,50 €
4 Sizes
CHF 14.40 EUR 10,20 €
6 Colors
CHF 16.40 EUR 11,60 €
Piercing attachment
CHF 16.40 EUR 11,60 €
Piercing attachment
CHF 18.30 EUR 13,00 €
3 Sizes
CHF 18.30 EUR 13,00 €
7 Colors
CHF 18.30 EUR 13,00 €
Piercing attachment
CHF 13.80 EUR 9,80 €
CHF 21.90 37%until 28.07.19
4 Sizes
CHF 16.40 EUR 11,60 €
Piercing attachment
CHF 18.00 EUR 12,80 €
Piercing attachment
CHF 21.60 EUR 15,30 €
Piercing attachment
CHF 16.20 EUR 11,50 €
Piercing attachment
CHF 14.60 EUR 10,40 €
7 Colors
CHF 16.60 EUR 11,80 €

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14 Items
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