Buy Nipple Piercings at BIJOUTERIA. For men and women!

These chest piercings with extravagant and eye-catching designs and patterns are mainly worn by ladies. However, there are also simpler specimens here, which can also be worn by men. Whether woman or man, with these piercings the breast or the nipple is totally in the center. Almost too bad to be hidden behind fabric. You will find here very special nipple piercings and nipple rings in the form of suns, stars, hearts, skulls, arrows, pistols and much more, decorated with sparkling, colored crystals, Swarovski crystals and zirconia stones. You also have a choice with the chopsticks. Robust and skin-friendly surgical stainless steel or 100% anti-allergic bioplastic. No matter what you decide, order immediately and we will deliver your piece of jewellery from Switzerland to your home as fast as lightning and free of postage. If this selection is too special for you, Bijouteria also offers you the whole range of Simple Breast Piercings. Or imagine your individual breast piercing together with one of our straight piercings. Barbells or Bioplast Barbells as well as two closures from the categories Balls, Picture Balls or Various Parts.

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1.6mm Thread
Max. weight
up to 1 g
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up to 3 g
up to 4 g
up to 5 g
up to 6 g
up to 8 g
Surgical Steel 316L
Black PVD-coating
PVD-coating (gold color)
Silver 925
Swarovski crystal
Swarovski Zirconia
light blue
light pink
rose gold color
Leaf / Plant pattern
Pistol / Gun / Rev..
Skull / Skeleton
Tribal pattern
5.0mm Diameter
10mm Diameter
12mm Diameter
13mm Diameter
14mm Diameter
15mm Diameter
16mm Diameter
12mm Length
14mm Length
15mm Length
16mm Length
18mm Length
20mm Length
22mm Length
33cm Length
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14mm Size
16mm Size
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Nipple piercing
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Nipple piercing
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Nipple piercing
CHF 58.30 EUR 49,00 €
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CHF 43.60 EUR 36,60 €
2 Sizes
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6 Colors
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Nipple piercing
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CHF 44.70 EUR 37,50 €
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Nipple piercing
CHF 48.70 EUR 40,90 €
3 Sizes
CHF 35.10 EUR 29,50 €
3 Sizes
CHF 35.10 EUR 29,50 €
Nipple piercing
CHF 39.60 EUR 33,30 €
8 Colors
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8 Colors
CHF 55.40 EUR 46,50 €
9 Colors
CHF 57.70 EUR 48,50 €

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28 Items

Dive into our selection of breast piercings. Made of surgical steel 316L, bioplast and silver 925, these jewellery pieces enchant with their beautiful shapes and different patterns. Crystals or zirconia stones in the various colours blue, red, pink, green, transparent, aqua, violet, light blue, light violet, black, silver and multicoloured enhance the design as do additional chains or other hanging elements. In addition, symbols such as skull, skull, Halloween, wings, leaf, starfish, arrow and pistol, or the tribal scene were also popular templates for a successful jewelry work. A great shopping Erlenbis for nipple piercing fans. The experience will be even better if you order today: because it is lightning fast in your mailbox.

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